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BGS5 - JAVA application on v02.000 | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 25, 2018 - 10:33am, 4160 views

I have a big JAVA application for BGS5 v01.100 (JAR file is aprox. 260kb, 6 threads, uses TCP and HTTP) and the application works perfectly on BGS5 v01.100 for last two years. Recently Cinterion is moving BGS5 towards BGS5 v2, so I tested our hardware for BGS5 v1 with BGS5 v2. The test was unsuccessful. HW connection of BGS5 v2 is fine. The GSM module BGS5 v2 is able to register to GSM network and without JAVA application works fine. But when I install and start my big JAVA application threads are blocked in the middle of executing AT commands randomly.

So I’ve created the smallest midlet, which works OK on BGS5 v1 but doesn’t work on BGS5 v2. The goal is following: create midlet and print all unsolicited URC on all 3 ATChannels. Then call from mobile phone to the BGS5 and watch unsolicited URC on all ATChannels.

Observed problems on BGS5 v2:

  • ATCommandListener doesn’t call any event method when it should.
  • After URC, which was not printed by ATCommandListener, whole module slow down execution of JAVA application.
  • After URC, which was not printed by ATCommandListener, the midlet cannot be stopped by AT^SJAM=2,… and freezes in ATChannel.release()
  • Also if autostart function of midlet is activated, the midlet become soon not functional because URC ^SYSTART on ATChannels
  • Number of ATChannels is not important. I have tested 2 ATChannel and 3 ATChannels.

Have you any idea what is wrong? Why the midlet works on BGS5 v1 and not on BGS5 v2?