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Cinterion-BG2-E / "+++" escape sequence problem | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 18, 2014 - 5:51pm, 3986 views

Kindly please be informed that i’m using Cinterion-BG2-E. I can connect to GPRS and Connect to server using TCP/IP connection. I'm using Transparent TCP/IP client AT^SISS=0,ADDRESS "ip:port" ok AT^SISO=0 OK ^SISW: 0, 1 AT^SIST=0 CONNECT // Then send and receive data // Now if i need to close the connection after send and receive data from host I’m using escape wait 1.2 second +++ OK wait 1,5 second Then close socket command AT^SISC=0 OK Socket is closed but unfortunately “+++” is considered as data and it was received at host side as data. Transmitting "+++" over the air cause a problem to us. Please is there any way to prevent sending it Thank you