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Converting BGS5 Project to EHS5 project | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 20, 2017 - 7:57am, 4493 views


I have developed my project for BGS5 till now.

Now, because of 3G requirements, we want to create a 3G variant of this product. There will be 2 version of the same product. 2G (low cost) and 3G version. We want everything to be same/identical except network speed.

For this purpose, I want to pass my existing project into EHS5 module.

Is there a guide document for this process? What are the things to care and to change?

Is it possible in Eclipse easily changing the Device


and don't need any other thing like create new project, copy source files to new project, add jars etc..

I mean everything will be same, only device will be changed from somewhere in Eclipse? Like a configurational change.

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