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AT-COPS mode changes from 0 to 2 | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 9, 2018 - 2:02pm, 8986 views


We use Aplicom TRIX A9 device with EHS5-E module. In our application, we need a connection to server available all the time, if only possible (the device is moving, it's a fleet monitoring app). 

1) However, we observe weird behavior - occasionally (in regions where network coverage is poor) the ****m permanently stops trying to register to the network.

We send AT+COPS? command periodically to monitor the **** - it goes from 0 to 2 (we never set it to 2 on our own), and in order to *********** to the network again, it is necessary to send AT+COPS=0 again (note, that we prefer to use automatic ****).

Is it expected behavior? Any way to prevent it? Under what conditions does the ****m go into COPS **** 2 on its own?

2) In our monitoring code I ovserve, that AT+COPS? returns **** 2 which means it's not searching for a network, and at the same time AT+CREG? returns status 2, which means it actually does. I consider those results self-contradcitory. 

Is it a known bug?