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Drivers and documentation for EXS62 module | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 17, 2020 - 9:34pm, 2715 views


I am having tough time getting drivers and documentation for EXS62 module. Does anyone know where I could find it ?

I am looking for win 10 and/or linux drivers for EXS62 modem.

I am also looking for following information if available for this module

  • AT commands for EXS62
  • Gemalto Trusted key management 
    AT commands to manage keys/certificates

    • Pre- configured Cloud certificate
    • Unique identity key management
  • User Guide/App notes for
    • AWS/Azure cloud integration guide
    • TCP/IP socket communication using DTLS/TLS or SSL
    • MQTT using DTLS/TLS or SSL
    • LwM2M using DTLS/TLS or SSL

Any help would be greatly appreciated.