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EHS5T SSL/TLS TCP connection problems with Microsoft Azure IOT Hub | Thales IoT Developer Community

May 24, 2017 - 9:07pm, 2641 views


I have to connect a EHS5T (Java program) with Microsoft Azure IOT Hub using the MQTT Port 8883. I have already successfully connected my EHS5T to other MQTT Brokers with SSL and the IOT Hub is also working with other devices. After connection try timeout there is the message: "Remote peer has closed the connection". I have asked my distributor for support and got the firmware 3.001 ar 14 and the actual SDK. The modem has already firmware 3.001 ar 14, and a SDK update not helped. I have seen similar problems in the forum, that are solved by firmware update to revision 44 or higher.

Where can I get a newer firmware? My distri doesn't have something newer.

Does anyone has connected a EHSx with Microsoft Azure IOT Hub? Maybe I am doing something wrong. I have loaded the Microsoft Cert. (Baltimore CyperTrust Root 2025), enabled and disabled security. Nothing works!

Thank you for your help.