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EHS5T unexpectedly reboots at irregular intervals | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 8, 2016 - 3:24pm, 5159 views


I'm running a Java application on a EHS5T (FW 3.001). The terminal unexpectedly reboots at irregular intervals. Seen on a longer scale it reboots about twice a day. 

Key aspects of the application:

- Running a local server all the  time  (using ServerSocketConnection)

- Frequently transmitting messages to remote TCP server (every 5 Minutes)

- Frequently transmitting messages to locally connected devices over RS485 (every 1 seconds)

I have access to the log of the terminal and to the log of the remote server. I observed from the logs that the assigned IP address of the terminal keeps the same until reboot. But there's no exception or URC in the terminal log before reboot.

Question 1: How can I find out, why the terminal reboots?

Question 2: Is it possible that termial reboots when GSM network assigns new IP?

BR, Helmut