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EHS6 - multiple MIDlets and the AT interface | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 1, 2014 - 5:27pm, 3692 views

Hi, I have some questions about using certain features of the Java environment at the same time. My questions basically originate from these sections of the AT command guide > 1.6 Communication between Customer Application and EHS6 > If an AT command is finished (with "OK" or "ERROR") the TE shall always wait at least 100 ms before sending the next one And then later on in the Java guide > The module is capable of running multiple MIDlets in parallel. All MIDlets are alike in that they > have to share the same system resources like interfaces, memory and processing power Now, what am I trying to ask... if I have multiple MIDlets, can I use the various different communications busses/protocols in parallel, or do I have to use them one at a time, and wait 100ms? In concrete terms, I wish to do the following things concurrently MIDlet 1: * Continuously read from the SPI interface * Establish a "listen socket" and write data to the remote host MIDlet 2: * Establish a listen socket and read/write data to/from the remote host * Read/write data over the USB interface Is it feasible to use all of these interfaces at once on the EHS6? Thanks, - Jason