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EHS6 Not coming up on new hardware | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 14, 2017 - 11:59pm, 2641 views

I just finished a design with the ELS31-V and it is working fine, no issues at all, so I need to switch to the EHS6.  The board is the same as the ELS31 except the larger module footprint.  Keeping in mind that Ithe ELS31 module works just fine, three modules in a row are not coming up.  What I see is the V1.80 and the VCore are not powering up, but the VDDLP comes up to 1.80V just fine.  The Auto-On is strapped to ground and the On signal is pulled to ground through a 10K, as the datasheet recommends.  The Emergency Reset pulses low and then high to start the module up once VBatt is stable.  There are plenty of bypass cap's as the design documents recommend.

Any direction is welcome.

Thank you,