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EHS6 SYSLOADING loop | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 28, 2017 - 12:57am, 5138 views

Hi all, I've been attempting to work with the EHS6 but I'm running into some trouble that i was hoping someone  could help with.  The device powers up using the auto-on pin and outputs ^SYSLOADING roughly every 2 seconds and won't respond to any AT commands which I send over the TX/RX pins.  V180 stays constant in the specified range.  Vcore starts out in spec but drops to ~0.2V in sync with the sysLoading messages.  I don't believe this is due to variations on the Vbatt line as it happens with both a 1S lipo as well as a benchtop supply and from my understanding it doesn't even get far enough along to pull anything over 70mA.  

I realized I left the ON pin floating since I am using Auto_on to start.  Should I pull ON low or is floating ok if I don't plan on using it?