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EHS6T module resets continuously | Thales IoT Developer Community

December 10, 2021 - 12:53am, 660 views


I'm working with two EHS6T USB modules, which recently have begun to exhibit some strange behaviour on module boot.

I noticed this when I changed the SIM card on one of the above two modules. Powering it back up caused it to restart continously (ie Red ledlight flashes, yellow light goes solid, then the module restarts). The power does not switch off but I am finding the module resets and I cannot get the USB to stay "on" to debugand work with the module, even for config checking and commands. 

I have sought to investigate this issue by swapping out the USB Type B cables connecting the PC and each module. I have also checked the power supply is not an issue by connecting a third module in place, the PL62W module, That module stays on and does not reboot continuously. 

Yet something seems to have occurred with two ESH6T modules,and Im not sure it is a malfunction on  both modules because what are the chances of that, right?

Has anyone heard of this continuous reboot happening and may shed some light on any other possible causes to the symptoms I have outlined above?