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[ELS61-AUS] TLS 1.2 connection blocked by ) | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 24, 2020 - 8:07am, 2219 views

I developed a Java application for SSL connection and then loaded onto the module.

The following is a part of my code.

SecureConnection secureSocket = (SecureConnection);

InputStream secureInputStream = secureSocket.openInputStream();

OutputStream secureOutputStream = secureSocket.openOutputStream();

The call to is blocking when Client can't connect to Server due to a wrong URL or Server breakdown. 

The IOException will be thrown about 30 seconds after the call to

Is the default timeout 30 seconds?

Can I set timeout value?

I found another problem when establishing multiple SSL connections.

The connection failure can occur many *****. would be broke after 30 seconds each time.

As soon as a successful connection has been established, the connection failure occurs after this connection will cause the application block in even after 30 seconds, and then the application also crashes.

Even though I restart application, this problem can't be solved.

I try to let Client to establish connection using a wrong IP, the application blocks in, even if the successful connection has never been estatblished after restarting the applcation.

I can only solve this problem by rebooting the module.

How to break out of