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ELS81-E: invalid dhcp response after SWWAN command | Thales IoT Developer Community

December 10, 2020 - 2:07pm, 1446 views

I am using ELS81-E modem with firmware rev 04.000. I observe an issue with PDP context activation when using AT^SWWAN command. As per ELS81-E AT command spec, the sequence is as follows:


According to spec, CGACT is not needed since its context can not be reused for SWWAN. However for this command sequence modem returns invalid DHCP offer to DHCP client attached to the modem USB ethernet interface: offered client ip addr, gateway, and correct DNS servers. Valid DHCP response is returned for the following sequence: CGDCONT/CGACT/SWWAN. However for the latter case I have troubles with re-activating PDP context in the case of reconnects: AT^SWWAN=0,<cid> returns CME error code 3. Could you please clarify which command sequences should be used for PDP context activation/deactivation for the firmware in use in the case when DHCP is the preferred use-case ?