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Embedded Secure Element | Thales IoT Developer Community

November 11, 2018 - 6:28pm, 3500 views

Hello! I'm new member on your Forum. My name is Yurii, I'm 24 year old, and I want to understand what is eSE and how can I work with that. I know that is SIM card, there work one or few applets. I have many questions:

- That is a Java Card?

- Where I can buy that for test and work?

- What I need to know about IDE? 

- How can I update the applet on eSE? With help method from GlobalPlatform? 

- What I need for developing? Just software or what? 

I know eSE using APDU protocol, T=0, T=1. 

- What is the Storage Applet? (GP Card Manager)

- Where I can download or buy GEMPLUS Serial Smart Card Reader? 

- And cap2cmd.jar

Thank you!  

Telegram: @RedYu