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Force BGS2 onto 1800 band only - for testing | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 27, 2017 - 5:07pm, 1757 views

Hi all,

I am testing new PCB using BGS2-E. Have tuning / matching done for dual band 900 / 1800 bands. Fine, now confirming performance in more real-life scenarios using ^MONI command. Very useful comparisons with dev board, different tuned boards, and a PCB with competitor 2G modem. The competing modem has a command that allows it to only use a particular band. But I see no way of forcing the BGS2 to use the 1800 band. Therefore I cannot run any meaningful 'real-life' comparisons using ^MONI on the upper band. That is a significant handicap for my validation of the product. True, I will be sending the product to a lab in a few months, but in advance of that I wanted to have most of the work done and the lab would only be confirming, broadly speaking, what I have done already. Did I miss a command? Any ideas.