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Gemalto BGS2-w is not responding. | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 29, 2018 - 6:51am, 3267 views

I am working on BGS2-W with starter kit b-80. This board was working fine earlier but suddenly stop responding today.

At auto baud rate board was working only on 9600 baud and it was taking more time to respond to 'AT' commands and sometimes the board seems to be hung.
After changing the baud rate to 57600 and on next power cycle it was printing ^sysstart on the Teraterm and on Putty console and it was not taking any commands from the user.
Now every time it powers On it will only print ^SYSSTART and takes no input from the user, but RxTx led on starter kit is blinking while entering commands.

The modem is not responding properly for every keystroke. Even though the tx rx led toggling according to keystroke

"AT" followed by enter key 
case 1: Nothing on the terminal console.
case 2: We saw "A" on the terminal and followed by "ERROR" in the next line after some time.
case 3: some time we see "OK" (rare case).

Kindly help us to resolve this issue.