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Gemalto Cinterion EHS6T LAN | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 10, 2017 - 3:02pm, 4485 views


I have problems with configuration and testing Gemalto Cinterion EHS6T LAN and I hope there is some one who can help me.

I have problem with configuring IP address and SIM Pin. Acording to documentation ( EHSxT_BGS5T Hardware Interface Description V08, page 86 to 91) I tried with Telnet, PuTTY and FTP.

With Telnet and PuTTY I get Permission denied

Permission denied in PuTTY

In case of FTP I dont see any file (there should be apnlist)


Also I have problem with testing this device. But this problems could be because I can't setup SIM card. Communication was tested with Docklight Scripting program.

When I send command for signal quality I don't get any answer from device.


Acording to documentation (EHS6  AT Command Set V03.001b) I should get some data

From documentation

Best regards, Ales