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Going from GSM data, toward GPRS/UMTS ? | Thales IoT Developer Community


June 19, 2014 - 4:12pm, 1610 views

My name is Jean-Marc. Sorry if my English is approximative !
I'm wondering how to go from the M2M Data GSM world to the GPRS/UMTS world.
--> Imagine a PLC1 sending data to a PLC2, simply through RS232 port, using the GSM data network: just a few AT commands and the phone number of the PLC2 are required, it's very simple.
--> The problem is that the GSM data service will be discontinued soon in my country (obsolete) !!!

So, how to connect simply PLC1 to PLC2 via 2 RS232 ports ?
My understanding of the situation is: PLC1 and PLC2 have to be connected to (e.g.) MC55iT or BGS5T, including a TCP stack.
PLC2 must be a TCP socket server, so as PLC1 can call PLC2 through a socket client. After connection, the data will be sent/received easily on the RS232 ports, is this right ?
What will be necessary ? A fix IP or is it possible to use a DynDNS service ? Is there any tutorial ?
My knowledge in this is pretty limited, so I need some guidelines to undertand and then proceed to my design.
Many thx for any helping !