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Heartbeat via SMS? | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 2, 2015 - 2:57pm, 5391 views

We offer traceable watches. These are worn by users incapable of asking for help when needed. The watches can be traced using a variety of communication methods. In the areas they are used SMS seems to be the most reliable way of communicating with them. However some ***** it isn't possible to get in touch with them (mobile network errors, no coverage, SIM database error or whatever). We have plattform to contact them and check if they are available, but that isn't really useful as they may be turned off for a reason and thus we wouldn't know if we should warn or not. Thus we are looking for a simple way that relatives or carers of the user can be notified if the watch is not available. Ideally some app that would send an SMS to the watch at certain ***** of the day and then start some audible alert if it has no reply within 10 minutes. Adding to the challenge the watch must receive a specific text in order to answer. Any ideas? Or any other smart way we can solve this?