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How to have my app running after reboot | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 21, 2021 - 12:58pm, 770 views

I was developing an app to run in the EXS82-W module, but I am having issues about how to have the app running always on the module. By always, I mean, even after a restart, it starts running automatically.

By reading the pdf "Getting Started", there is this guideline:

"Autostart is only applicable if your application is named "oem_app", and its delay is only in
a range between 2s to 30s"

So, I followed it, by renaming my app from mqtt.bin to oem_app.bin hoping that after the reboot, the module would start the app automatically.

However, the app is not automatically executed when I power up the module. I need to run the commands in Python to start the app, as folows:

python start oem_app

With this command, I can verify that my app is running well, but it was started manually.

There is a point on my app were I forcelly cause a watchdog timeout to see the module rebooting, and I could verify that the module is rebooting over the ASC1, because it prints the ^SYSSTART on serial.

However, the app does not start automatically after reboot.


BTW: about that mention above "and its delay is only in a range between 2s to 30s". My app has no delay in _dam_main() function, it starts executing right away. There is one delay (Sleep) within the code, but it takes 5 seconds sleep only.