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How to test Common Criteria requirements?


February 9, 2015 - 3:08pm, 1442 views


In this Security Target of MultiApp V3 smart card, it mentioned that : 


The TSF shall enforce the generation of evidence of origin for transmitted  application packages at all times.  

Application note:  

Upon  reception  of  a  new  application  package  for  installation,  the  card  manager  shall  first check  that  it actually comes from the verification authority. The verification authority is the entity responsible for bytecode verification. 


The TSF shall be able to relate the identity of the originator of the information, and the application package contained in the information to which the evidence applies.  


The  TSF  shall  provide  a  capability  to  verify  the  evidence  of  origin  of  information  to  recipient given no limitation.  

I want to know, How I can test the card to see if it meet this requirements or not?! In the other word I want to see if it support what the author claimed or not!