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I2S audio with modem Gemalto Cinterion PLS8-E | Thales IoT Developer Community

January 17, 2017 - 11:29am, 3022 views



We bought miniSTREAMER USB/I2S sound card and we would like to use this sound card for playing audio wav file from computer and send converted I2S 
audio stream to the ****m Cinterion during voice call. Modem Gemalto Cinterion PLS8-E support I2S audio.

I did following tests:
I did voice call from ****m Cinterion and played audio wav file through miniSTREAMER sound card into computer and send I2S stream to Cinterion 

I’m not sure that I connected correctly all necessary PIN because sound which goes from Cinterion ****m into my mobile phone is strange.
I attached audio wav files.

In case that I set Cinterion ****m as SLAVE (for receiving synchronization) and miniSTREAMER as MASTER(for sending synchronization) I recorded 
strange audio file "cinterion slave and miniSTREAMER master.wav". I attached this file. Original audio wav file which I played through miniSTREAMER 
was "original sample.wav". I attached zip file with audio wav files (password is: audio)

In case that I set Cinterion ****m as MASTER (for sending synchronization) and miniSTREAMER as SLAVE (for receiving synchronization)) I recorded 
only silent audio file. 

I set on miniSTREAMER audio sound card following settings:
2 channels, sample rate: 16kHz, samples: 16bit

I would like to ask someone who has similar experiences with I2S audio and miniSTREAMER.

1.I would like to know that I connected correctly mentioned two devices (I attached schematic.pdf file)?

On white board Cinterion DSB-Mini board I didn’t find MCLK pin (master clock) and miniSTREAMER sound card has this pin.
I’m not sure that MCLK pin is not necessary for I2S audio?

I set following settings on Cinterion ****m regarding I2s audio (I have to say that I have tried all possible combinations).
I suppose this settings should be good.


parameter_1: 3 - Digital input and output: I2S
parameter_2: 1 - Microphone1 (this setting is only for PCM not I2S)
parameter_3: 1 - Selects the earpiece amplifier 1 (this setting is only for PCM not I2S)
parameter_4: 1 - PCM clock (256KHz/512KHz)
parameter_5: 0 - master **** (I tried also slave ****:1)
parameter_6: 0 - frame ****: Short frame
parameter_7: 1 - ext clock I2S master clock will be automatically provided only during audio activity
parameter_8: 1 - Sample rate: 16kHz

Thank you in advance

Best regards Alan Sabo