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Issues establishing internet access with PLS83-W LTE module on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 12, 2022 - 8:39pm, 421 views

Dear community,

I am trying to use the PLS83-W as the LTE module for internet access. I would like to be able to quickly configure the developer board "LGA Devkit" connected Via USB to a Linux computer running Ubuntu 18.04.

The PLS83-W USB is configured to enumerate as an ECM device, and it gets registered as CDC Ethernet device successfully. Using AT commands, I was able to confirm the SIM is ready and registered to a network. However, there is still something missing as I am not able to access the internet.

The USB-Ethernet port did not have an IP address assigned to it when it was set to Automatic (DHCP), which is unusual when compared to other GSM/LTE modules from other producers, so I set it up manually. However, I am still not able to establish an internet connection (using ping).

Following the instructions in article

I used the following commands to set the module to enumerate its USB interface as ECM device:


But according to the "AT Commands Set:

the module should enumerate with PID 0x0069. However, I noticed that it enumerates with PID 0x0068.

Could this be a result of the module having an old firmware (REVISION 00.024)?

I was not able to find a new firmware for the PLS83-W modules anywhere online. Can you please inform me where/how can I get hold of a new firmware and how can I flash it?

I am not very much familiar with setting up LTE modems, perhaps there is a missing configuration with AT Commands? 

Thank you for your help and I look forward to any feedback :)