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Java and Transparent Socket | Thales IoT Developer Community

January 27, 2019 - 9:15pm, 1557 views

Hello guys,

I'm working with an EHS5 module and have some doubts.

My project is to connect with a PLC to retrieve its data and send some commands, and I could achieve it using a J2ME application that communicates via Modbus RTU protocol with my equipment and send this data to my FTP Server.

Since the maker of this PLC offer some other features like Remote Access and the possibility of multi-connections on its serial port I've been wondering if there is the possibility of creating a transparent socket between 2G/3G connection and the module serial ports and having a separate J2ME application running just to send the module IP to my server, acting as a Dynamic DNS Solution.

My questions are:

- How can I create a link between COM0 or COM1 and a Transparent Socket?

- Can I have both transparent Socket and a J2ME application running concurrently (the J2ME will never access the serial port in this way)?

Thanks in advance.