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Java sample project for LwM2M | Thales IoT Developer Community

April 7, 2020 - 2:31pm, 1721 views


I am working on the use of LwM2M in the PLS62-W module. And I need help.

The sample project for Lwm2m for Elipse contains errors. For example, it contains links to such packages that I can't find:

import com.gemalto.lwm2m.client.model.Lwm2mFloat;
import com.gemalto.lwm2m.client.model.Lwm2mInteger;
import com.gemalto.lwm2m.client.model.Lwm2mOpaque;
import com.gemalto.lwm2m.client.model.Lwm2mString;

After modifying this project and removing packages and methods that cause errors, an exception appears after starting the midlet:

2020-04-07 14: 09: 18: 658 [INFO] [Lwm2mClientInternalBuilder] start to parse customized object from file: /CustomizedObjects.json
can not build lwm2m client, message: Target file doesn't exist

But the .jar file contains the CustomizedObjects.json file.

Do you have any working sample projects for Lwm2m?