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jMBus and EHS6T Java | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 26, 2018 - 10:06am, 1317 views


I'm currently attempting to run OpenMUC's MBus connections to implement some MBus in Java on my EHS6T.

So I have added the corresponding JxRxTx and MBus libs in my eclipse test project.

Only I've hit a stumbling block. The program throws up an error that it requires Java 1.7 minimum compliance. And as we are limited to working with Java 1.3 in the EHS6T units, this may not be possible. But I would like to attempt this all the same.

Why is there a strict warning against going above 1.3 compliance level in Gemalto's Java ME 3.2 embedded Java projects? Will it simply overload or bloat the memory footprint on the terminal's flash?

Are you able to advise if you know any cases of projects that have successfully included and worked with OpenMUC's jMBus library? 

Bear in mind that I had installed the latest version which at the moment is jMBus 3.01 so perhaps there may be a lower version that is compatible?

Looking forward to hearing your advice.

Many thanks as always people.