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Measuring Signal Strength on PLS8-X and PHS8-US using AT^SMONI command | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 4, 2017 - 7:41am, 5687 views

Currently I am using AT+CSQ command to measure signal strength on PLS8-X for 3G/4G.

"According to 3GPP TS 27.007 [47], the <rssi> value is not applicable to 3G networks. Yet, with a view to
employing AT+CSQ for all networks the PHS8-P has been designed to show a <rssi> value derived from the
3G specific RSCP parameter shown by AT^SMONI. Nevertheless, please consider that connection quality in 3G
networks is depending on further factors. For example, despite good <rssi> or RSCP values for signal quality,
data throughput may vary depending on the number of subscribers sharing the same cell. It is therefore recom-
mended to use also AT^SMONI which delivers additional information, in particular the values RSCP, EC/n0,
SQual and SRxLev RX level."

So it is advisable to measure signal strength using AT^SMONI command.

Here my query is how to measure signal strength in dB using AT^SMONI command.

Syntax of AT^SMONI is as below for 3G,


So here I can get EC/n0, RSCP, SQual, SRxLev, EC/
n0, RSCP. But from these value how I can derive single value for signal strength and what will be acceptable range for the same.

It will be good if someone has equation to derive signal strength from AT^SMONI command.