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PLS63 SFSA list directory format change | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 23, 2022 - 1:25am, 418 views

We have been using the PLS62, and we're looking to move to the PLS63 or PLS83 due to supply issues.

During initial testing we noticed a change to the directory listing response. Previously, file names were listed inside quote characters, whereas they are now listed without quotes. This makes it more difficult to determine if the response is a file name or the final response code. Here's an example with a file named "0":

^SFSA: 0
^SFSA: ipoverat/
^SFSA: 0


In this case the final response with the code zero looks exactly like the first filename returned. This is unlikely to be an issue for us, but I think the previous behaviour from the PLS62 makes more sense. Is this behaviour by design?

Here's our version information:

A-REVISION 01.000.03