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PLS83-EP Transparent **** | Thales IoT Developer Community

March 15, 2021 - 9:05am, 3788 views

Hi All,

In order to camera streaming, I got recommand to uses AT^SIST from local supplier.

After I checked the official document 'Cinterion ®  PLS83-EP  AT Command Set :DocId: PLS83-EP_ATC_V00.024' and followed '11.17.6 Transparent TCP Listener: Autoanswering Incoming Remote Client'(p.320) step by step by Python to send command to the module.

Test command as follow :
[2021-03-15 15:40:14.896000][UART]Data Recv b'+CIEV: prov,1,"ROW_Generic_3GPP*"\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:17.068000][UART]Data Transfer AT+CPIN?
[2021-03-15 15:40:17.087000][UART]Data Recv b'+CPIN: SIM PIN\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:17.087000][UART]Data Recv b'\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:17.087000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:19.070000][UART]Data Transfer AT+CPIN="0000"
[2021-03-15 15:40:19.163000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:21.074000][UART]Data Transfer AT+COPS?
[2021-03-15 15:40:22.872000][UART]Data Recv b'+COPS: 0,0,"CHT",7\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:22.872000][UART]Data Recv b'\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:22.872000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:23.076000][UART]Data Transfer AT+CGATT=1
[2021-03-15 15:40:23.143000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:25.076000][UART]Data Transfer AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet"
[2021-03-15 15:40:25.109000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:27.078000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SICS=1,"dns1",""
[2021-03-15 15:40:27.092000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:29.080000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SICS=1,"dns2",""
[2021-03-15 15:40:29.090000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:31.081000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SICA=1,1
[2021-03-15 15:40:31.151000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:33.082000][UART]Data Transfer AT+CGPADDR=1
[2021-03-15 15:40:33.102000][UART]Data Recv b'+CGPADDR: 1,""\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:33.102000][UART]Data Recv b'\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:33.102000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:35.084000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SISS=0,srvType,"Socket"
[2021-03-15 15:40:35.100000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:37.085000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SISS=0,conId,"1"
[2021-03-15 15:40:38.919000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:39.086000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SISS=0,"address","socktcp://"
[2021-03-15 15:40:39.113000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:41.087000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SISS=0,"tcpMR","3"
[2021-03-15 15:40:41.109000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:43.089000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SISS=0,"tcpOT","5555"
[2021-03-15 15:40:43.108000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'
[2021-03-15 15:40:45.091000][UART]Data Transfer AT^SISO=0
[2021-03-15 15:40:45.107000][UART]Data Recv b'OK\r\n'

It seems workable, but I only have one module to use for Transparent Client part.

Is any example to uses PC to simulate the Transparent Listener?? Or only for two PLS83-EP module to simulate the Transparent Listener and Client???