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pls8x RemoteWakeUp/Event/USB | Thales IoT Developer Community

December 19, 2019 - 8:59pm, 1712 views

Hello everyone !

I'm trying to use  the remote wake up.

What I'm trying to do is to send a signal on GPIO1 when the ****m receive data and then wake the computer using the GPIO1 

The GPIO1 is connected to a computer and is configured as key input in linux.  

Using  "AT^SCFG="RemoteWakeUp/Event/URC" GPIO1 " I can validate that the gpio1 is correctly setup and does wakeup the computer on a URC event.

So I tried to configure the ****m using USB as well with:  "AT^SCFG="RemoteWakeUp/Event/USB", GPIO1" and "AT^SCFG=\"RemoteWakeUp/Ports\", rmnet0" 

But this does nothing. 

My expectation is that when there is usb data available for the TE (the computer) is should send a signal to GPIO1. Am I correct ? 

The pls8x doc say the following : "Configure line that shall be toggled to wake up the TE when a Remote Wakeup Event occurs on USB."

So when does a Remote Wakeup Event occurs on USB ? 


Is there an other way to send a signal on GPIO1 ? We use the ****m in WWAN ****  (the cdc-eth driver in linux) when we receive data ?  

What we want is to let the computer sleep all the time except when we receive data.

Thank you ! 

this is the current output of AT^SCGF? (I remove the cfg for URC in this one)

^SCFG: "Audio/Loop","0"
^SCFG: "Audio/SvTone","0"
^SCFG: "Call/ECC","0"
^SCFG: "Call/Speech/Codec","2"
^SCFG: "GPIO/****/Antenna","off"
^SCFG: "GPRS/Auth","2"
^SCFG: "GPRS/AutoAttach","enabled"
^SCFG: "MEop****/CFUN","1","1"
^SCFG: "MEop****/DTM/****","0"
^SCFG: "MEop****/ExpectDTR","current","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "MEop****/ExpectDTR","powerup","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "MEop****/NonBlock/Cops","0"
^SCFG: "MEop****/PingRsp","1"
^SCFG: "MEop****/PowerMgmt/LCI","disabled"
^SCFG: "MEop****/Prov/Cfg","0"
^SCFG: "MEop****/Prov/Iccid1","0",""
^SCFG: "MEop****/Prov/Iccid2","0",""
^SCFG: "MEop****/PwrSave","disabled","0","50"
^SCFG: "MEop****/PwrSave/Delay/USB","10"
^SCFG: "MEShutdown/OnIgnition","off"
^SCFG: "MEShutdown/Timer","off"
^SCFG: "Misc/CId",""
^SCFG: "Radio/Band","5456495"
^SCFG: "Radio/CNS","0"
^SCFG: "Radio/Mtpl","0"
^SCFG: "Radio/OutputPowerReduction","4"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Event/ASC","none"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Event/URC","none"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Event/USB","GPIO1"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Ports","current","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Ports","powerup","acm1","acm2","acm3","acm4","rmnet0","rmnet1","asc0"
^SCFG: "RemoteWakeUp/Pulse","10"
^SCFG: "SIM/Retry","on"
^SCFG: "SMS/AutoAck","0"
^SCFG: "SMS/Format","3GPP","3GPP2"
^SCFG: "Tcp/IPv6Priv","1"
^SCFG: "Tcp/IRT","3"
^SCFG: "Tcp/Loop","disabled"
^SCFG: "Tcp/MR","10"
^SCFG: "Tcp/OT","6000"
^SCFG: "Tcp/TLS/Version","MIN","***"
^SCFG: "Tcp/UnreachRsp","1"
^SCFG: "Tcp/WithURCs","on"
^SCFG: "URC/DstIfc","mdm"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline","local"
^SCFG: "URC/Ringline/ActiveTime","2" 

Alexandre Leblanc