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Problem with project structure | Thales IoT Developer Community

May 21, 2015 - 3:53pm, 3534 views

I have quite big project, so I had split my content of source package to multiple packages. You can see the structure on attached image.

Multiple package structure

There is quite a lot of connections between all of this classes and all works like it should, except ModbusManager. Which works but there is something wrong with RS232 communication. So I tried creating new project, where I had just 1 thread to test ModbusManager which was again in separate package. It wouldn’t work.

So solution was that I had put ModbusManager in the same package as the thread from which I was calling it and communication between slave and master(Gemalto) worked it should. Can somebody tell me what the reason behind this is? Because all other classes works indifferent of that in which package they are located.