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Re:class PortListener implements InPortListener | Thales IoT Developer Community


October 30, 2014 - 3:23am, 1437 views


I have the TC65 terminal controlling two buttons through GPIO ports.One is connected into GPIO4 and the other into GPIO6
I am using the PortListener method in order to detect any change.
The application is simple
If the button --GPIO4-- is pushed the count with one second delay should be initiated and present the result
which must be multiples of a reference value.
The main problem I have is I can 't stop the process by pressing the button controlled by the port GPIO6.
The hardware if working OK.The main application is controlled by a timer that stops it after 30 seconds.
Any suggestion?
I am using GPIO6 to stop the process without luck.
Thanks in advance/

class PortListener implements InPortListener

int value=4;
int cont=0;
int temp;

public void portValueChanged(int portValue)

while (portValue==1){

try {


System.out.println("Result:" + temp);

}catch(Exception e) {
if ((portValue==2) ||(portValue==3))