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Recommendations for Autostart delay (EHS6 in particular) | Thales IoT Developer Community

September 26, 2016 - 12:59pm, 2539 views


I have read all documentation about Autostart, delay, JRC, sjam, ... and so fourth but I would like to know when it is worth setting a delay of a few seconds in the Autostart/Delay parameters, in particular for EHS6 modems.

Since years we have set (on previous models) delays of at least 25 seconds in order to let the modem initialize and read the SIM but is it still necessary with EHS6 modems ? [1]

Should we effectively consider that the Userware/Oracle-Autostart features are now judiciously initiated only once the modem is fully initialized and ready? (I mean enough to not encounter any internal issue or AT command freeze or lag?) [2]

This question comes after one of our modules running for days encountered a SIM network registration issue:
- after working for 2 days and following a reboot (triggered by our software), the modem couldn't register again (ever) to the cellular services. Our software and AT^SIND reported that the SIM was inserted but not ready/not registered to the cellular network.
- subsequent manual and automatic reboots of the modem didn't fix the issue
- a total power reset however fixed the issue (service was back)

We do not really understand what happened except that the Autostart/delay is set to 0. And I was used to think that it was not a good idea. Our software starts making AT calls and checking SIM states only a few seconds after starting. Could it impact the booting procedure of the modem...?

Thank you in advance for your shares,