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RS232-RS485 converter EHS6 | Thales IoT Developer Community

February 18, 2021 - 5:18pm, 931 views

Good evening.

We have an EHS6 revision 3 module.

We have connected it to a computer and we have sent messages by RS232, and the computer has received them successfully.

Then we have connected a RS232-RS485 converter to the computer, and it has worked correctly.

When we connect the converter to the module. messages do not reach RS485.

We perform a reading from the module, and it reads us the data sent through the converter. but when sending it does not send correctly.

We believe that it may be a matter of drivers, which are necessary for the converter, and which cannot be included in the modem.

Or some configuration that has to be done in the modem as it is a converter.

We have measured the voltage when the converter is in the computer, and the voltage is about 9v.

We have measured the voltage in the converter when it is connected to the modem and it is 2v.

Could the modem not send enough voltage for the converter to work?

We may have to configure something?

Is it drivers issue?

Has anyone ever used an RS232 to RS485 converter with these modules?

Thank you.