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Sign a file with private and public key stored on smart card (IAS-ECC) with C# | Thales IoT Developer Community

August 29, 2014 - 2:56pm, 5361 views

Hi, I develop an application to sign file XML with a public key and a private key stored on a smart card (IAS-ECC). I know that my smart card has two certificates (one used for authentication, one used for signature) and private keys. With that in mind, I search desperately documentations and examples to sign correctly my file (the size varies between 4 and 10 ko). All in all, I want obtain a P7M file. I know that Gemalto has developed multiple DLL to perform this kind of operation (like gclib.dll or pk2ias.dll). But, my application is developed with C# and Compact Framework (3.5) and these DLL do not seem works with this technology. So, does it have an API, DLLs or something else to perform these operations with dotnet languages? Thank by advance for your help. Best regards, Rémi