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A simple demo example would be useful... | Thales IoT Developer Community

February 18, 2014 - 11:45am, 7800 views

The SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform is a very interesting and powerful cloud-based M2M system.
The user interface is based on RESTful web services APIs and JavaScript APIs which are new to many AT command users.
In order to get a good touch and feel about the system, a simple demo application would be required.

The demo could consist of two nodes. The first node is the Gemalto Concept Board and the input could be a combination of switches.
With a certain combination a SMS could be sent to a mobile phone, which is the second node.
When the SMS will be replied, couple of LED's on the concept board could be lit.

This simple demo could be a starting point to learn more about the usage of the Platform.

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