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socket manager in java (PLS62-W) | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 3, 2019 - 5:45am, 1517 views


I have an application that uses 3 TCP Sockets, and they work as follows:

1 ° Socket 1 open, it initially receives a message in the protocol Mobus for validation, after validated, I direct it to ASC0 and ASC0 to socket 1

2 ° After the validation of the first socket, this socket2 is managing the messages that arrive through the protocol Mobus

3 ° If the second socket receives a certain message in the Modbus protocol, this socket is opened, and everything that arrives in it is directed to the ASC1

The treŝ scokets have two types of timout:

1st Timout of Idleness
2nd Timing Maintenance

The timings are fully configurable through desktop software using RS232 communication.

However, I could not think of a functional way to manage these three socket simultaneously, would you have any suggestions?

How many threads does the PLS62- w support?