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USB driver fails on restart | Thales IoT Developer Community

October 21, 2016 - 4:46pm, 3593 views


I’m using the EHS6 Gemalto Concept board, the MES installed and NO application running on the EHS6. I'm running on Windows7 64bit.

If I right click the “Module” in “Computer” I can select all the COM ports in the Ports tab and access the module. All the ports are also visible in the Windows Device Manager.

When I open a terminal program e.g. Realterm I can choose the available ports and send commands to the EHS6.

Next I restart the EHS6 by sending AT+CFUN=1,1. The device restarts but none of the COM ports are available. They are all visible in the Windows device manager but not accessible with any program. After I now close the Realterm and I right click the “Module”  in “Computer”  (for the MES) and navigate to the Ports tab it’s even empty.

We have multiple concept boards and they all show the same behaviour. They are all running on the latest firmware: 03.001. Also turning off and on the concept board with the buttons doesn't help, I have to completely power down the board to regain access to the ports.

Is there another way to restart the device? Or is there an update for the USB driver?