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What's the trick to have EHS6 Debug mode working on Windows 10? | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 10, 2020 - 5:47am, 1672 views

I've been working for several weeks with an EHS6, I'm using the Eclipse Juno IDE included in the
SDK ( When it works, it works great: I can launch my application from within the IDE and even debug setting breakpoints, etc. But every now and then it just stops working.

A couple of weeks ago it stopped working, so I had to use the "Create package" option in the IDE and
install my application usin AT^SJAM commands, after some days it worked again, I could once again
launch applications using the "Launch as emulated Java ME JAD" or "Launch as emulated Java ME in Debug ****" IDE commands until yesterday, when this message started appearing again:

Registering ip address "" of remote debugging device...
Waiting for debug device registration of "IMP_NG_EHS5_REMOTE"...
Passing control to external device emulator...

Failed to connect remote debugging device!

*** Error ***
Device "IMP_NG_EHS5_REMOTE1" not registered!

End of debug session. Emulator is closed!

I've seen some threads regarding the same problem such as:

but they're a couple of years old and I think there should be a way to have this working but just don't know how