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Where are the updated documentation and libraries for SL Agent and Web API? | Thales IoT Developer Community

July 16, 2015 - 5:02pm, 6251 views


Is there a link/knowledgebase article with (always) the latest available SL Agent jar files (and version numbers), and documentation for said .jar files and the Web API?

About SL Agent:

  • I found some jar files version 3.47 inside the PocketDemo source files (which is duplicated here), but have no idea if this is really the latest. As this comes with no documentation, the only one I found was SensorLogic Agent User Guide v0.1a, but given that it's from 2014 and v.01a (which sounds beta!), I don't know for sure if that still applies (maybe it does, because the screenshots from it refers to the same 3.47 version).
  • I didn't find the Javadocs for SL .jar files. As the User Guide doesn't cover all methods on the API, I have questions on what to implement for description interfaces, for example, that could be answered in the Javadocs.
  • The PocketDemo has EmbeddedRuntime.jar, which I didn't find in the User Guide and have no idea if I should use it, or not, and what for.

About the Web Api: The latest version I found was for Version 5, seems coherent with the calls I made against the API but I wanted to be sure this is the same as expected/implemented in the Partner site.