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Where to find EXS82 documentation? (e.g. Application Note 62) | Thales IoT Developer Community

June 14, 2021 - 6:12am, 1714 views


I am looking for the documents mentioned in "Related Documents" section of the EXS82-W release notes, in particular the IoT Suite User Guide and the Application Note 62. Where can I get them?

Thank you.

The complete list as a reminder:

Cinterion® EXS82-W Hardware Interface Description, v01.100
Cinterion® EXS82-W AT Command Specifications, v01.100
Differences between selected Cinterion® Modules, Hardware Migration Guide, v14
Getting Started with Cinterion® EXSx2-W, v01
Cinterion® IoT Suite User Guide for EXSx2-W Modules, v01
Application Note 16: Updating Firmware for Cinterion® EXSx2-W Modules
Application Note 26: Power Supply for Wireless Applications, v11
Application Note 40: Thermal Solutions for Cinterion ® EXSx2-W Applications, v01
Application Note 45: Jamming Detection - Radio Link Stability, v01
Application Note 48: SMT Module Integration, v08
Application Note 60: At Command Response Timeouts, v05
Application Note 62: Transport Layer Security for Client TCP/IP Services, v01
Application Note 88: ODIS/DHIR/Portfolio Management via LwM2M, v01
Application Note 95: Power Saving for LTE Cat M1 and LTE Cat NB1/2 Modules, v01

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