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How to bring-up EXS82-W WWAN on Linux

Tutorial, April 19, 2021 - 11:18pm, 897 views

Newest EXS82-W firmware has added USB support, so basically we can use AT^SWWAN=1,1 to bring-up it's WWAN port. Below is a step-by-step guide to show how to do it on Linux:

  1. When plug-in to a PC or RPI running Linux, it will enumerate to show 2 CDC ACM ports, 1 CDC ECM ports, 1 Qualcomm port, like the screenshot shows. This is a partial output from dmesg command:

EXS82-W dmesg


  1. From the output of dmesg, it shows the name of the ECM port was changed to enx00a0c6319c70.  Using ip a command also confirm that, and it’s not configured yet. To allow it being configured by DHCP client, run dhclient enx00a0c6319c70 command and wait; when we have dhclient running on the given interface, it’s time to invoke AT^SWWAN=1,1 command

  1. Using a tool, be it a python script of a terminal emulator to input the AT^SWWAN=1,1 command; depending on Linux setup, you might have to disable ModemManager first:

  1. When AT^SWWAN=1,1 was invoked, the dhclient would receive configuration packet and configured the WWAN interface properly, now you can use ping to test the WWAN port or just start using it:


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