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How to fix the Javadocs location in the new SR2 Eclipse IDE

Tutorial, April 20, 2017 - 7:28am, 2503 views

The new SR2 IDE doesn't always link the Java Docs properly so when I mouse over the 'intReturn = NetExtension.Ping( strPingerDestinationIp' ( for example ) in a project;


… I don't get the helpful popup and instead get a generic popup which is not very helpful.

 So to fix this issue do the following; 

1: Find the path to the Javadocs for the SR2 IDE;


… and this is what the SR1 path looks like;


2: In the SR2 IDE right click on our project then select properties and navigate to;


3: Edit the entry;


4: Manage the Device;


5: Change the Libraries to point to the correct path;


6: Use the 'Browse' button to find the correct directory for each jar file ( from point 1 information );


To make is easier here are the links that my installation has;

cldc_1.1.jar is file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Cinterion/CMTK/WTK/doc/html_impng/
cwm_1.0.jar is file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Cinterion/CMTK/WTK/doc/html_impng/
impg_1.0.jar is file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Cinterion/CMTK/WTK/doc/html_impng/
jsr177_1.0-crypto.jar is file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Cinterion/CMTK/WTK/doc/html_jsr177/
jsr280_1.0.jar is file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Cinterion/CMTK/WTK/doc/html_jsr280/
jsr75_1.0.jar is file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Cinterion/CMTK/WTK/doc/html_jsr75/

7: After you have the correct path in the 'Javadoc location path' use the 'Validate' button to confirm that all is well;


8: Do as may Ok's as are required to get you back to the IDE

9: Again in the SR2 IDE right click on your project then navigate to 'Configure Build Path';


10: Confirm that for cwmli_1.0.jar the 'Javadoc location' points to the correct path;


11: Confirm that the other entries are correct as you have entered them;


12: Now restart the SR2 IDE and when you mouse over any entries a valid popup should be seen;


… instead of;


Tony Kay

ETM Australia Support

ETM Support