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How-to update your Connect Shield

Tutorial, January 15, 2018 - 2:51pm, 8593 views

Hello Makers!

We have noticed that some of you are running into continuous reboot issues with the ELS61 Connect Shield.

The issue may happen after enabling the Java debug **** and causing the module to reboot continuously without USB enumeration.

By saying that it’s clear the UART interface has to be involved to resolving that issue.

In case you are going to activate the debug ****, you should first update the FW to prevent that issue.

Here you have an instruction on how to prevent and resolve the issue.

To prevent that issue on a running module, proceed with step 1, you can simply download the and update.

If your Connect Shield is already rebooting proceed with Step 2.

Step 1:

  • Connect your Connect Shield with an USB cable to your Windows PC
  • Open the Windows Device Manager
  • Turn on the ELS61 Connect Shield

Now you should see under Modems when all drivers are installed the Cinterion ELSx device.

Under Properties -> Modem you see the Port: 1

  • Now execute the ELS61-E-ELS61-US400_006_nm.exe after unzipping the zip file.


  • Choose the correct COM-Port and START update.


  • You will see the progress after the module automatically restarted.


  • The update process is successfully finished when you see the picture below now you can disconnect your Connect Shield.



You first need a UART connection to TX and RX of the Connect Shield.

As easiest would be a UART-USB Bridge or you could use your Arduino/STM Nucleo board to send an AT-Command. 
If you find problems by sending AT commands on a stand-alone connect shield, try to connect 3V3 to GND in order to fix the UART interface level to 5V.


Setup the baud rate at 115200 without flow control.

Turn on your Connect Shield and execute frequently at^scfg="Userware/DebugMode","off" until you get the response ‘OK’.

Now the Connect Shield should stop rebooting.

Please proceed now with the update process in Step 1.


(Module update executable zip file)


The password for the zip is: gemalto

I had problems updating the modem until I had tried all of the modem's com ports.

I suggest that you mention that it is NOT the same com port as the one used for at commands. AT commands on my pc only worked with com port 10 but the update was made via com port 8 (6-10).


it is not working at all com ports you are right. 

The 'modem' com port (see picture in the describtion) is always working. 




From what ELS61 firmware version is the firmware update needed? I think my Connect Shield has entered the endless reboot state, and I have a prototype board here that I don't want to screw up. Are both revision 1 and 2 affected? And are there even newer firmware available than the one linked to? Where are lastest firmwares found?

This is what I have:

REVISION 01.000                                                                 
A-REVISION 00.014.00                                                                                                          OK
/Martin Söderström


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