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Minor Schematic Modification for ELS31/51 SIM detection

Tutorial, March 22, 2016 - 7:46am, 3916 views

When designing ELS31/51-V SIM circuit, to overcome a SIM detection issue, please implement the advices listed below:

1. If there is SIM detective mechanical switch that is connecting between CCIN and V180, then you just need to have an additional 0 ohm to connect CCIN and pin95 SDIO1.

2. If there is no SIM detective switch, please have one 0 ohm to connect CCIN and V180, and reserve one additional 0 ohm to connect CCIN and pin95 SDIO1, but do not mount it now.


Why to SDIO? It's a different interface. 

From where you have this information?


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