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NetBeans 7.2 offline installation with all NB Plug-ins

Tutorial, August 7, 2019 - 3:52pm, 2230 views

The standard Gemalto EHSx / ELS61 / PLS62 Java ME "Installation CDROM" delivery, for Java development, requires the use of a Windows 7 PC running Java SE 7 and either Eclipse Juno or NetBeans 7.2 with its Mobility Plug-in.

You can use this article to:

1. Install NetBeans IDE 7.2 standalone - without the need for an Internet connection

2. Install the NetBeans IDE 7.2 Mobility Plug-In if it is missing (see section 10.3.1 of Java User Guide)

The article also discusses

3. Disabling the Java SE 7 automatic software updates

4. Understanding better the enumeration of our Java Modules and their use of Windows Serial COM ports

5. Checking everything by building the Volcano Robot example, found else where on this Dev Zone.

jtd330's picture

The link to the offline plug-ins in the pdf is broken for me - can I get a working link?

martinklinke's picture

Yes please, i need it too! Urgent!

makdemir's picture

I can't access the plug-ins. The link in the PDF doesn't work. Where can I get these plug-ins?