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Setting Up AWS GreenGrass Client using PLS83W cellular modem

Tutorial, August 22, 2021 - 10:52am, 2250 views

The objective of this tutorial is to show that a Greengrass Core (GGC) device with cellular connectivity using Cinterion PLS83-W CAT 4 Modem can be connected to the AWS Greengrass on AWS Cloud. Furthermore, using AWS CLI software, components can be deployed remotely to these Core devices.

For this demo, two Raspberry PI (RPI) devices are used. One device to setup the GGC Client and create a custom component. Treat this device as a test device in the real world where you test all your applications before deploying. Once you create the application, use this device to upload the component to the AWS S3 bucket in AWS. Then the next step is to deploy this to other devices on the field over a cellular network.



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